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Reaching every child in Haiti, it starts with a Solar Direct Drive fridge

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In Haiti, B Medical Systems Solar Direct Drive Solutions are replacing the obsolete Cold Chain equipment. By 2020 more than 700 new refrigerators will be deployed in the country. Read more on below link:



 “Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and partners have been strong supporters of Haiti’s immunisation programme. However vaccine coverage rate is the lowest in the Americas. Every day, almost 50 children under the age of five die, many from vaccine-preventable diseases. To increase coverage and access to vaccines, Gavi and partners are supporting the government with a plan to renew old cold chain equipment. Solar panel refrigerator will replace obsolete propane gas fridges. It should help avoid vaccine storage problems and will be the guarantee of an efficient cold chain. By 2020 more than 700 new fridges will be deployed in the country. Gavi and partners attended the installation of the first solar refrigerator in Haiti.”

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