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Eutectic Cooling System For Whole Blood PCM +37

Eutectic Cooling System for whole Blood PCM +37

Eutectic Cooling System

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Eutectic Cooling System

For RCB models during long-term, temperature controlled transport without power supply (e.g transport by air or rail)

The phase change material (PCM) allow a safe transport during all seasons. From winter to summer, the PCM have the same „melting point“ which is:

  • -32°C : Transport of plasma
  • +4°C : Transport of RBC
  • +22°C : Transport of unscreened blood
  • +37°C : Transport of whole blood

B Medical Systems‘s Eutectic Cooling Elements are available in 2 sizes : 0.3 l and 0.6 l

Please contact us for details.

Additional information



Nominal Temperature



over +35°C

Preconditioning Temperature / Time

+37°C / > 24 h