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A selected range of products for an uninterrupted and
precisely temperature controlled blood cold chain

Transport boxes systems

Transport boxes / systems

MT range for safe blood transport

Blood bank refrigerators

Blood Bank Refrigerators

BR range for legally safe storage of blood bags and erythrocyte concentrates

Medical refrigerators

Laboratory refrigerators

ML range for safe intermediate storage of temperature-sensitive preparations

Plasma freezers

Plasma freezers

FR range for safe storage of plasma and other blood products

Shock freezers

Shock freezers

MBF range for fast freezing of blood plasma

Deep freezers

Deep Freezers

UF range for freezing down to –86 °C

Blood cold chain

“ Ensuring a safe, secure and ethical supply of blood and blood products and
the appropriate and rational clinical use of blood are important public health responsibilities of every national government. A prerequisite for blood safety is the existence of a national blood transfusion system, based on voluntary nonremunerated donation and with every aspect governed by quality management. Such systems should be nationally coordinated, financially sustainable and able to respond to any newly emerging blood safety threat ”. *

Blood Cold Chain is one key component for Blood Safety and comprises
different activities involving equipment that need to offer perfect storage and transport from the beginning (collection) to the end (transfusion). Blood is collected at a body temperature (~ 37°C), to keep it safe and to avoid bacterial contamination it has to be cooled and stored between +2°C and +6°C, with a set point of +4°C (for a period of around 35 days of storage).

“Plasma components must be shock frozen below -30°C within a short period of time and stored at temperatures that will adequately maintain the labile coagulation factors in a functional state (for a period around 24 months when stored below –25°C and 3 months at –18°C to –25°C)”. *

We evaluate that around 7%** of the collected blood for transfusion needs can be wasted for different reasons (the main one is due to missing traceability). To decrease this percentage during the blood cold chain,
B Medical Systems Medical Systems has developed a range of different products with strong safety standards. Blood units are often lost during the transport from the blood bank to the hospital and inside these buildings. Too
often, ordinary untested cold boxes which are unable to maintain the cold life on a long distance and period are responsible for significant waste.

A perfect effective blood cold chain is only available with tested and technically proven products, which respect international norms and follow WHO tested specifications. So it is with B Medical Systems medical products.