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2BH RFID Solution

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The perfect solution for a safe Blood Transfusion for all.

Blood bank refrigerators

Blood Bank Refrigerators

Blood Bank Refrigerators powered by Biolog

Transport Boxes

Transport Boxes

Transport Boxes / Systems powered by Biolog

The Biolog Solution

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In order to meet management and traceability needs for the transfusion process, B Medical Systems Medical Systems distributes the Biolog solution. Thanks to the electronic label associated with each Blood Bag, the system can remotely optimize stock status, traceability and Blood Bag status in real time.

The Blood donation number, product code as well as all important patient information are automatically recorded in the RFID chip’s memory.

About RFID

The B Medical Systems transport container associated with a temperature module allows to guarantee the perfect control of the Blood Cold Chain and its traceability even while transportation.

Advantages of the Biolog solution