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The new and innovative B Medical Systems Electronic (operation and control panel) assures thanks to its password protected settings menu optimum protection for your stored preparations.

The menu structure of the modern and user-friendly graphic display offers a simple and intuitive utilization.

B Medical Systems Electronic
  • A wide range of adjustment and diagnostic facilities as well as additional protection / warning operations (via external alarm operations, histories and individual display signals).

  • An optional PT 100 sensor inlet to show the sensor’s temperature data on the display as well as forwarding and further processing via a 4 … 20 miliA outlet.

  • An optional 20 miliA outlet to transmit temperature data of a sensor connected to the electronic.

  • Connection facilities for additional (optional) temperature sensors.

  • DMN (Data Monitoring Network) and the (optional) DCU (Data Communication Unit) allows illustration of texts on the product’s display.