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Hardware module

Notes all operating conditions and passes them through to a central data base – via local network, on which devices are connected.
  • Interface connection of B Medical Systems appliances to existent network.

  • The DCU offers direct connection to the Ethernet, even wireless, to the serial BUS RS 485, as well as to the central building control system (4 … 20 mA).

  • Possibility of connection of actors (4 … 20 mA out).

  • Digital IN/OUT (customer-specific use of these connections is programmable).

  • The integrated USB port allows stored data to be written to an external memory stick.

  • Recording and storage of relevant data of the appliance.

  • The DCU replaces the paper temperature recorder.

  • The DCU works with all Gold electronics from 2000 on.

  • All data are recorded and saved in the data base of the DMN and are available for analysis at any time.

  • Possibility of connection of several additional self-sufficient temperature sensors (up to 4 PT1000 & 2 PT100).

  • Your essential advantages:

    • One integrative system for collecting all temperature relevant appliances and ambients.
    • Many different connection facilities allow flexible upgrades for individual projects.