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Universal software

for collection, long-term recording and visualization of temperature data
  • Complete activity list (password protected).

  • Integrated event and activity history of all appliance components.

  • Graphical visualisation of all temperature curves.

  • Connection to existing or third-party appliances via network technology (LAN, WLAN, WAN)

  • Simultaneous data monitoring and recording.

  • Possibility for specific and individually configurable alarm forwardings, e. g. via email, SMS (with optional GSM module) or via DECT.

  • Simple and intuitive utilization.

  • Essential price advantage compared to a traditional circular chart recorder and its spare parts.

  • Free of charge for all B Medical Systems Gold & Silver ranges.

  • Real-time temperature output for third-party software.

  • Your essential advantages:

    • Access to the data within your entire network via one central database.
    • Economy of time and money as regular changes of recorder paper, ink and battery is not necessary.