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Silver safety standard

For Models ML, MP and MF

Ensures the reliable and safe operation of all B Medical Systems refrigerators and deep freezers. Safety for the stored preparations and the user. Silver models are denominated with a “S”.
  • Safety door lock with 2 keys

  • Key-operated power switch (power ON/OFF) with 2 keys

  • Power indicator light

  • Digital temperature indicator (display: 0.1 digits)

  • Controlled fan cooling system for constant temperature and even temperature distribution across the entire refrigerating chamber. Automatic switch-off when front door opens 2

  • Self-contained alarm system with integrated battery takes over the alarm function and temperature value measurements in case of power failure for at least 48 hours 1

  • Acoustic and visual alarm signal in case of temperature alarm and power failure

  • The alarm history on the electronic stores all the relevant values during a temperature alarm, such as: min., max. and average temperature & also the duration of the alarm 1

  • Remote transmission alarm signal (via potential-free contact) in case of temperature alarm (change-over contact)

  • Control via self-diagnostic system

  • Safety thermostat prevents dropping of the cold storage product’s temperature below +2°C 3

  • Door opening alarm (visual / acoustic)

  • Designed and tested for climatic class SN (ambient temperature range +10°C to +32°C) 8

  • RS 485 interface for the visualization of all operating and control functions (hardware and software settings) via DMN monitoring software on a peripheral device (computer) 1

  • GMP Clean Room Classification for free standing installation: in clean rooms of GMP B / ISO 6 (ISO EN 14644-1)

  • Additional remote transmission alarm signal (via potential-free contact) in case of power failure (change-over contact)

  • DMN – Data Monitoring Network 1

  • Optional:

    • Ambient temperature sensor
    • DCU – Data Communication Unit
    • Internal LED lighting 6

1 Not for underbench models ML / MP 135 SG
2 Not for models UF 455 & 755 G / GG, FR / DFR 110 GG and MF / DMF 110 & 290 SG
3 For refrigerators

5 Not for models BR / DFR / FR / LR / PR 110 GG
6 For model ranges BR, LR and PR only, optional for model ranges ML and MP only
8 Models ML for climatic class SN/ST (ambient temperature range +10°C to +38°C)