ATEX Refrigerators / Freezers

Medical Refrigeration

In compliance with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, B Medical Systems has designed a series of explosion-proof solutions to store your flammable products in a risk-free and controlled environment*. Our ATEX refrigerators and freezers are made of an explosion-proof interior to provide optimal protection for users against potential explosions. They are intended for use in Zone 2 laboratory hazardous areas, where explosions caused by gases, vapours or mists are likely to occur infrequently and for a short period. The portfolio includes laboratory refrigerators and freezers covering the various temperature storage requirements for your preparations or media. The inner compartments of B Medical Systems ATEX solutions are free from ignition sources, and operate without arcs or sparks that may create a risk of ignition during normal use. B Medical Systems also offers laboratory refrigerators and freezers, and pharmacy refrigerators with a glass door. *conditions apply