Vaccine Transport Boxes

Vaccine Cold Chain

RCW 25

B Medical Systems | Passive Range

For the safe transport of vaccines or medicines

Highest insulation value

• The polyurethane foam injected into the double walls of these transport systems is free of CFC and HCFC and ensures optimum insulation and protection of the quality of the transported goods, especially with longer transport times
• Due to the outer casing’s self-insulation against the environment, the B Medical Systems transport systems maintain a stable temperature even at higher ambient temperatures

Designed for intensive use

• The special transport boxes, made from rotationally molded polyethylene (a literally indestructible synthetic), feature an extraordinarily sturdy casing that is almost impervious to external forces, e.g. caused by bumps and falls, whose sturdiness has been proven in drop tests
• The corrosion-free material offers easier and safer handling and is lightweight. All transport systems can easily and thoroughly be cleaned and disinfected with conventional disinfectants. There are no inaccessible corners or areas inside the transport systems
• The clasps can be sealed or equipped with locks and are therefore protected against unauthorized access during transport
• RCW 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 are very easy to handle thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap and their lightweight

Vaccine Transport Boxes

• Vaccine storage capacity: 0.9 > 20 L
• Transport periods: between 24 h and 8 days
• Designed for tropical temperatures: +5°C to +43°C

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  • External dimensions H x W x D (mm)

    499 x 710 x 550

  • Inner dimensions H x W x D (mm)

    264 x 496 x 334

  • Net weight with standard equipment (kg)


  • Cold Life at +43°C

    134 h 36 (up to +10°C)

  • Gross weight - fully stocked (kg)


  • Function

    Vaccine Transport Boxes

  • Gross volume (l)


  • Vaccine storage capacity (l)


  • Cooling system


  • Climate Zone

    Hot zone (+43°C)

  • Shipping weight (kg)


  • PQS Code

    E004 / 005

  • Required Ice-pack (for vaccine)

    24 x 0.6 L

  • Insulation thickness (polyurethane)

    90-105 mm

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RCW 25

For the safe transport of vaccines or medicines

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