Quality Policy

As part of Azenta Life Sciences, B Medical Systems is committed to observe and implement the Azenta Corporate Quality Policy. The Azenta Quality Policy serves as a guiding principle for the organization’s quality management systems, providing a framework for decision-making, and fostering a culture of quality throughout the organization.

Azenta enables life science companies to bring impactful breakthroughs and therapies to market faster.

We provide unrivalled sample exploration and management solutions to help accelerate discovery, development, and delivery.

Azenta is committed to ensuring the safety, performance and reliability of our products and services. This commitment is achieved by:

  • Maintaining a quality culture that meets the expectations of customers and partners
  • Supporting and empowering each Azenta employee through quality objectives and continuous improvement, to strive towards zero defects
  • Regular reviews of our quality management systems, ensuring effectiveness and compliance with applicable standards and regulatory requirements

The Quality Policy is communicated throughout Azenta and reviewed by leadership to confirm continued suitability.