EHS Policy

Environmental, Health, and Safety

As part of Azenta Life Sciences, B Medical Systems is committed to observe and implement the Azenta EHS Policy.

Azenta is committed to protecting the health and safety of employees, customers, and the public and intends to conduct its business activities in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. At Azenta, we are committed to meeting or exceeding all relevant environmental, health, and safety requirements. We continuously monitor our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) performance and periodically review our management practices to maintain our high standards. Azenta complies with all applicable EHS laws and regulations and conducts audits and implements procedures to ensure compliance with these requirements.

This Policy is to be implemented corporate-wide and is applicable to all employees, consultants, contract workers, and temporary employees of Azenta and its related subsidiary and affiliate companies. The Policy sets out basic expectations for all associates and leaders and serves as the foundation for our internally documented Environmental Management System (EMS). Senior management approves the Policy and periodically examines trends to identify any opportunities for improvements and communicates objectives. Third-Party suppliers are also expected to meet the EHS expectations outlined in this Supply Chain Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy. Employees are responsible for supporting this Policy in accordance with their roles and responsibilities within the organization.

Azenta’s management is tasked with offering a safe workplace and is responsible for ensuring that any environmental impacts are minimized. It is Azenta’s policy to support compliance with laws, regulations, and controls by establishing a management system for environment, health, and safety performance. A culture of continual EHS improvement and compliance is embedded in our business through operational controls, transparent documentation, and proper training. In alignment with our Standards of Conduct, breaches of our policies and guidelines or local laws will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. Execution with respect to EHS is regularly checked as part of our reviews and internal audits, during the routine monitoring of controls.

Responsibilities for EHS are shared by all, every employee must actively champion those behaviors and the attitudes necessary to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses, property damage, and adverse impact to the environment. Employees must comply with the company and site EHS requirements as a condition of employment and immediately report any unsafe conditions, work-related injuries or illnesses, property damage, or environmental events to their direct supervisor or manager. We encourage employees to bring forth and help our company to enact their EHS concerns and suggestions. Workplace health and safety competency is maintained through appropriate training and development.

In order to minimize our impact on the environment, Azenta is dedicated to minimizing waste, recycling materials, promoting renewable energy use, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and conserving energy and water wherever feasible. Azenta designs products and services to reduce their consumption of natural resources and energy and reduce the generation of waste while maximizing their overall productivity.

Azenta actively and systematically identifies and controls significant environmental impacts or health and safety risks that could adversely affect our employees, products, customers, services, the public, or the environment. We proactively engage with and solicit feedback on EHS matters from our stakeholders, including our local communities.

Azenta establishes EHS performance metrics to assess and improve our policies, procedures, and practices and remains open and transparent in our EHS communications with our employees, stakeholders, and community. We provide employee training on relevant laws, regulations, and internal requirements, including established EHS policies, procedures, and practices. We measure and monitor our EHS performance in order to be reported transparently. Any EHS failures are recorded, addressed, examined, and analyzed to mitigate future risks through prevention and control.