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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver product overseas?

We can deliver products and offer installation services all over the world. However, some medical devices featured on this website may not be available on all markets. Please contact our sales team through the contact form to see if our products are available in region or to request a quote and additional product information.

What support do you offer to your costumers?

All our distributors have received extensive technical training. From the selection of the solutions tailored to your needs, to the delivery, installation and maintenance of the devices, they will be able to assist you each step of the way, wherever you are.

How long does the delivery take?

We constantly maintain ample stock in our central warehouse in Luxembourg, as well as in our US warehouse in Indianapolis to facilitate rapid deployment of our medical devices. Our manufacturing technology, including our unique rotomoulding technique, ensures minimal production lead-time.

What accessories do you offer?

Our medical devices are equipped with a standard set of racking and storage systems. Their modular design makes it possible to organize the interior storage capacity of your devices depending on your requirements. Refer to our catalog and select the racks, shelves, drawers, or cryoboxes that meet your requirements.

Where can I find the technical data of your products?

The key specifications of our devices are available on each product page of this website. Use the comparison tool to to rapidly find the differences between up to three different models. If you cannot find the technical specifications you are looking for, please feel free to download our brochures from our brochures page.

Are you compliant with global regulations?

All our solutions comply with the highest standards of safety, performance, and quality. Our Blood Management and Medical Refrigeration solutions are certified medical devices according to the EU MDR and the US FDA regulations, and our Vaccine Cold Chain solutions are WHO PQS-approved. A non-exhaustive list of our certifications is available on our Certifications page.

Which refrigerants are used in your products?

Most of our medical devices use natural green refrigerants. On top of producing no greenhouse emissions, they also provide an optimal cooling efficiency resulting in higher performance and lower energy consumption. With B Medical Systems, you can green up your facilities and conform with the EU F-Gas and US SNAP regulations.

What if I require technical services?

Our after-sales teams are available to help you resolve any issues with your B Medical Systems devices. Please send them an email, or give them a quick call: Luxembourg headquarters ( / +352 92 07 31 1), US office ( / +1 888 456 7099).

Where can I order spare parts?

If you need spare parts to repair your B Medical Systems devices, you can purchase them online via this platform.

I am a distributor. How can I contact you?

If you would like to partner with us, please connect with our sales team through the contact form. Please also ensure that your business, professional skills and your motivations for a collaboration are clearly stated in your message.

Can’t find what you need?

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