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23 September 2021

Why do Blood and Plasma Need Refrigeration?

17 September 2021

Las Bambas entrega a DIRESA Apurímac Ultra Congeladores para almacenar 46 mil dosis de vacunas contra la COVID-19

Pregon Peru

8 September 2021

B Medical Systems set to roll out in-transit temperature-control technology for vaccine in Africa

Business Day

6 September 2021

Ultratiefkühlschränke mit Fernüberwachung

1 September 2021

Meet Mr Jesal Doshi, Deputy CEO of B Medical Systems

Luxembourg Trade & Invest

30 August 2021

Anforderungen, die bei der Anschaffung medizinischer Kühlgeräte zu beachten sind

Marbach Academy

25 August 2021

First Refrigerated Vehicle for Vaccine in the World to Obtain WHO’ s Performance, Quality and Safety Prequalification


19 August 2021

Video: La qualification des équipements de la chaine du froid des produits de santé et des vaccins


18 August 2021

5 Anforderungen für den Kauf medizinischer Kühlgeräte

MED Engineering

18 August 2021

B Medical Systems: Trust in Technology

Pharmaceutical Technology

17 August 2021

Energiefressern die kalte Schulter zeigen – mit sparsamen Tiefkühlschränken


03 August 2021

B Medical Systems: Reliable cold chain solutions for every need

Health Europa

31 July  2021

Can India Master the Cold Chain System? Exclusive interview with Jesal Doshi

Medically Speaking

28 July  2021

B Medical Systems receives environmental backing for refrigeration products

Health Europa

28 July  2021

B Medical Systems Premium Series Laboratory Refrigerators

Lab Manager

27 July  2021

Living Room Conclave India Health Mission Ep 5: Discussing the roadmap for tackling global pandemic

Times Now India

24 July  2021

Medizinische Kühl- und Gefrierschränke von B Medical Systems erhalten Energy Star Zertifizierung


24 July  2021

(Video) Empleados de CCSS salvan vacunas en medio de crecidas de río

La Nación

21 July  2021

Technological innovation helps save lives

Pharmaceutical Technology

07 July  2021

B Medical Systems to provide cold chain solution to 1mg’s COVID vaccination drive

The New Indian Express

29 June 2021

B Medical Systems joins hands with Dr Reddy’s for pan-India rollout of Sputnik V vaccine


28 June 2021

Jesal Doshi: Our vision is to make India the vaccine cold chain capital of the world

ET Healthworld

28 June 2021

Understanding COVID-19 and the vaccine cold chain

Health Europa

25 June 2021

qu’en est-il de la conservation des vaccins, un mois après le début de campagne?

21 June 2021

Living Room Conclave India Health Mission Ep 1: Experts discuss the vaccine plan of action

Times Now India

17 June 2021

B Medical Systems: Experience drives innovation

Pharmaceutical Technology

16 June 2021

COVID-19 pandemic brought in a lot of focus to the medical refrigeration industry

Express Pharma

11 June 2021

Video: hi-tech end-to-end COVID-19 vaccine roll out infrastructure

Pharmaceutical Networking

8 June 2021

Pharmaindustrie 4.0 – IoT-Lösung für das Temperatur-Monitoring

Prozess Technik Online

8 June 2021

Arzobispado de Piura dona modernas Cajas Transportadoras de Vacunas

Lo Dice La Gente

8 June 2021

UNICEF provides Vietnam with vaccine refrigerators

Vietnam Plus

5 June 2021

Toyota打造越野冷鏈運輸車 Land Cruiser化身疫苗配送特派員

TVBS Taiwan

27 May 2021

Steeds meer vaccins: B Medical Systems opent speciaal dc


24 May 2021

Luc Provost: Time to optimize the vaccine cold chain capacity in the best possible way

ET Healthcare

22 May 2021

COVID-19 pandemic brought in a lot of focus to the medical refrigeration industry

Express Pharma (p.24)

21 May 2021

B Medical System ist vorbereitet auf die MDR

Medtech Zwo

20 May 2021

MDR: herausfordernd für Hersteller, aber auch für benannte Stellen


18 May 2021


12 May 2021

Transport Boxes for the safe transport of vaccines, medicines, blood and samples

Pharmaceutical Networking

11 May 2021

Impfstofflogistik: B Medical Systems eröffnet neues Distributionszentrum


6 May 2021

Understanding ultra-low freezers with B Medical Systems

Health Europa

04 May 2021

Die Technik selbst ist selten das Problem

Medical Design

30 March 2021

Thermal Packaging & Stationary Refrigeration for Temperature-Critical Medications

Cold Chain Tech

29 March 2021

presidenta de Essalud supervisó vacunatorios donde inmunizarán a adultos mayores


28 March 2021

»Es gab Fälle, da sind Impfdosen in Bierkühlern transportiert worden«


25 March 2021

Saving lives through innovative vaccine cold chain technology

Health Europa

23 March 2021

Northern Ireland urged to prepare before medical regulation transition period


15 March 2021

Ultrarefrigeratori per il vaccino anti-Covid

Meccanica News

02 March 2021

Nouvel instrument à venir pour le secteur de la santé


22 February 2021

B Medical Systems Awarded Contract with Premier


18 February 2021

Interview with Mario Treinen: Innovative cold chain solutions

Meccanica News

17 February 2021

B Medical Systems baut Werk für Kühllösungen für Covid-19 Impfstoffe


05 February 2021

B Medical Systems to extend production plant in Luxembourg

Manufacturing Chemist

18 February 2021

Conservation et transport des vaccins : le Luxembourg en pointe

Le Quotidien

28 January 2021

Visite de la société luxembourgeoise B Medical Systems

27 January 2021

B Medical Systems: Millioneninvestition in Hosingen

11 January 2021

Challenges of Bringing COVID-19 Vaccines to Rural America

Clinical Lab Manager

05 January 2021

«Un vrai changement de dimension lié au Covid»


28 December 2020

Luxembourgish company B Medical Systems exports freezers to Dubai


21 December 2020

B Medical Systems to open India factory


17 December 2020

Rush sur le grand froid

Ingénieurs et Scientifiques du Luxembourg

04 December 2020

Covid-19: le matériel médical de réfrigération très recherché en ce moment

RTL Belgium

03 December 2020

Prix de l’Innovation dans la catégorie « Product » est attribué à B Medical Systems


01 December 2020

Des frigos du Luxembourg pour stocker les vaccins