°B Connected & Data Communication Unit


°B Connected & DCU offer a highly flexible system that is adaptable to specific customer requirements:

  • Complete & legally safe documentation of temperature data
  • Comprehensive applications and diagnostic possibilities


Universal software for the monitoring of refrigeration devices, including the acquisition, recording, and visualization of temperature data.

  • Unique monitoring software for the full range of Blood Management Solutions and Medical Refrigeration products

  • Web-based interfaces for computers and mobile devices

  • Modern design for simple and intuitive use

  • Graphic display of temperature curves

  • Integrated event and activity history of appliances’ components

  • Data recording on a centralized database for long-term archiving

  • Easy setting of specific alarm forwarding, via email or SMS

  • Generation of reports compiling crucial data and activities

  • Temperature and detailed device data export for third-party software

  • Important price advantage compared to a traditional circular chart recorder and its spare parts

  • REST API to access raw data directly from the database in the read-only mode


  • Unique interface for the monitoring of the full range of refrigeration devices

  • Centralized database providing data access to the entire customer network


Hardware module monitoring all operating conditions and passing them through to a central database – via local network.

  • Interface connection of B Medical Systems appliances to an existing network

  • Graphical user interface displaying temperature and configurating devices and alarms easily

  • Direct connection to Ethernet and serial bus RS485

  • Digital in/out (programmable and customer-specific use)

  • Recording and storing appliance relevant data

  • Integrated USB port allowing to export stored data

  • The DCU combined with the °B Connected software replaces the paper temperature recorder

  • All data are recorded and saved in the internal storage of the DCU and backed up in °B Connected database if connected

  • Several additional self-sufficient temperature sensors (up to 4 PT1000) may be connected

  • Humidity sensor input (4-20 mA)


  • Central system collecting relevant temperature data of the appliances and their respective operating conditions

  • A number of connection facilities allowing flexible upgrades for individual projects