Contact Shock Freezers

Blood Management Solutions

The freezing process is a critical step in the storage of your blood plasma. The shorter the cooling time, the better the quality. Existing medical and scientific literature has proved that a quick and uniform freezing is essential for the optimal recovery of the coagulation factors of fresh frozen plasma (white paper).

B Medical Systems' Contact Shock Freezers are designed to help blood banks and blood transfusion centres to fast freeze plasma in compliance with the medical standards. They provide one of the shortest cooling times available on the market, with the largest model being able to cool down 48 bags of 350ml to a core temperature below -30°C in approximately 26 minutes. This is well within the 60-minute range recommended by the EDQM (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare).

Classified as medical devices Class II(a), both models – CSF61 and CSF101 – rely on a unique technology. This patent-pending technological innovation was developed as a result of 40 years of experience in medical refrigeration, including more than 15 years in contact shock freezing (white paper).

B Medical Systems' Contact Shock Freezers will provide you with high quality plasma, significant energy savings and complete traceability of your fresh frozen bags.