Vaccine Cold Chain

Vaccine Cold Chain

B Medical Systems is a leading manufacturer of vaccine cold chain equipment for large-scale programs in emerging markets. We work closely with public health agencies, national governments, and multilateral organizations like WHO, Gavi, JICA, Gates Foundation, PAHO or MSF to support the success of their vaccination campaigns.

B Medical Systems integrates a full approach to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) from the very first stage of design. B Medical Systems knows that the real cost of Vaccine Cold Chain Equipment is not only the purchasing cost but all costs that will occur during the lifetime of the equipment, such as the costs linked to the maintenance, the temperature monitoring and the energy consumption.

Discover our Solar Direct Drive equipment: it is the best solution, running on abundant solar power. By managing the design, manufacturing, distribution and after-sales elements, we adopt a lifecycle approach and can ensure that the Total Cost of Ownership of our products is as low as possible. B Medical Systems helps its partners and customers to take the most efficient solution by calculating its own TCO on


  • Solar Direct Drive vaccine refrigerators that work straight from solar panels, without the need for batteries or regulators.
  • Compression ice-lined refrigerators and freezers for use in demanding conditions such as hot and humid environments. Made from rotomolded polyethylene, these models offer the durability and robustness required for intensive use.
  • Vaccine transport boxes that ensure an unbroken cold chain, for transport periods of between 24 hours and 8 days.
  • Temperature data loggers that allow real-time remote temperature monitoring over the Internet, plus temperature control alarms.
  • Our Health Center Kit is the first solar energy center linking a Solar Direct Drive refrigerator and a solar generator, allowing it to recognize an excess of available energy from the solar generator and use it to automatically charge and power other devices.