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“Blood components and products require temperature-controlled storage and transport systems to maintain their safety and efficacy all the way to the patients. B Medical Systems has offered us solutions for the storage of red blood cells between 2 – 6°C; for the contact shock freezing of plasma; and for the storage of plasma at -25°C or below. B Medical Systems’ products are innovative solutions of high quality, with low failure rate and high operational reliability. We like the new design of its new medical refrigeration and blood management solutions, and we appreciate their user-friendly and fit-for-purpose features. B Medical Systems also has a wide network, and quickly provides spare parts whenever needed. In brief, we are satisfied with B Medical Systems’ solutions and services.”
Timo Kangasmaa, Finnish Red Cross Blood Service

Finnish Red Cross Blood Service

“A travers la livraison d’une trentaine de frigos spécialisés [L380] fabriqués par B Medical Systems, l’ONE a accompli une première étape vers l’amélioration de l’équipement de préservation de la chaîne du froid de ses centres de consultations. Le retour des équipes de terrain quant à la qualité des matériels fournis est positif, de même que quant à leur apport à leur pratique du quotidien. Quant à nos services centraux, ils ont apprécié le professionnalisme et la réactivité des équipes de B Medical Systems et de SHMC [partenaire local], ainsi que la collaboration à la fois agréable et efficace qui a pu être mise en place.
François Claerhout, Office de la Naissance et de l’Enfance

“Our collaboration with B Medical Systems goes back to 2011. Our facilities are equipped with approximately 10 freezers. Recently we have acquired a laboratory freezer F700, and validated an ultra-low freezer U701. The validation test results confirmed that the new model complies with our expectations. The temperature is stable, accurate and uniform at all time within the cabinet. When it comes to energy consumption and noise level, both models are also satisfying. […] B Medical Systems surprised us with its new integrated monitoring and data recording system. In my opinion, it is the most innovative feature of the new models. […] The cold storage solutions offered by B Medical Systems fulfill our expectations. The company and its Belgian distributor SHMC listen to our needs and requests. We appreciate the quality of the products as much as the after-sales services.”
Samuel Loonus, GSK Vaccines

GSK vaccines

“La société SHMC [partenaire local] dispose de techniciens et de commerciaux efficaces, réactifs, disponibles et compétents. Le matériel médical proposé est de très bonne qualité. De plus, ils ont été à l’écoute de nos problèmes afin de les résoudre en temps et en heure.”
Dr Pierre-Alexandre Olivier, CHC

“I am satisfied with B Medical Systems’ solar vaccine refrigerator, as it works steadily and its monitoring system is the best that our senior doctors can check at any time. We are glad to have this product in our clinic to keep our vaccines safe. The technicians of Alishah Qureshi Ltd [B Medical Systems’ local partner] inspect the refrigerator on a regular monthly basis.”
Dr Basir, EPI Vaccinator Bagrami Clinic Kabul

“B Medical Systems’ cooling technology has proven to be reliable and designed for longevity. Over the last 13 years, its solutions have fulfilled our expectations and excelled in terms of temperature stability and uniformity. B Medical Systems is a solution-oriented company, which cares about its customers and which we certainly recommend.”
Michael Møller Ottesen and Kim René Friborg, Novo Nordisk

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