B Medical Systems' Laboratory Freezers F700 and F900 receive the ACT Label - the world’s premier eco-label for laboratory products

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B Medical Systems’ Laboratory Freezers F700 and F900 receive the ACT Label – the world’s premier eco-label for laboratory products

B Medical Systems Laboratory Freezers F700 and F900 receive ACT Label - the world’s premier eco-label for laboratory products.

Luxembourg, 21/08/2023:  B Medical Systems has for a long time focused on creating more sustainable medical cold chain devices. This led to the creation of its Solar Direct Drive Refrigerators and Freezers line and to the use of natural refrigerants in the products of its portfolio. Moreover, the company increased its efforts of reducing its environmental impact through its improved operations and the sourcing of recyclable materials. It is because of its resolve that now two of its products, the Freezers F700 and F900, have been awarded the ACT Label, which is published by My Green Lab, with a final Environmental Impact Factor score of only 31.3.

As the auditing body highlighted the Hosingen, Luxembourg facility that manufactures the B Medical Systems F700 and F900 Laboratory Freezers, has implemented measures to reduce its energy consumption and waste generation within the last 5 years. These initiatives include a LED lighting retrofit, upgraded manufacturing equipment, and using reusable packaging materials with local suppliers. On top of that, it has robust environmental management policies and is ISO 14001 Certified. What is also worth highlighting is that the products have an estimated lifetime rating greater than 10 years.

The ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label, published by My Green Lab, was designed to address the need of both scientists and procurement specialists for clear, third-party verified information about the environmental impact of laboratory products. By emphasizing Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency (ACT) around manufacturing, energy and water use, packaging, and end-of-life, ACT makes it easy to choose more sustainable products.

The criteria for the ACT label, also known as the Environmental Impact Factor (EIF) criteria, were developed with input from industry experts and external stakeholders. Scientists, sustainability directors, procurement specialists, and manufacturers all provided valuable feedback on the EIF criteria, resulting in the most comprehensive product labeling program for life science products.

The ACT label process entails third-party verification of the sustainable impacts of a product, its operations, and its end-of-life. Completing this process is a significant achievement that offers a baseline and framework for continuous improvement for the manufacturing community.

Mr. Luc Provost, CEO of B Medical Systems stated: “For our company, sustainability is a priority, and it resulted in F700 and F900 being awarded the ACT label. This comes after our U701 and U901 ultra-low freezers received it last year also. It not only proves the superior engineering of our products but also reflects all the steps we’ve taken in the past years to make our operations more environmentally friendly. As manufacturers, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that our environmental impact is as low as possible.

About B Medical Systems

B Medical Systems is a global manufacturer and distributor of medical cold chain solutions. Based in Hosingen, Luxembourg, the company was founded in 1979, when WHO approached Electrolux, to provide a solution to safely store and transport vaccines around the world. Across the 3 major business portfolios of Vaccine Cold Chain, Medical Refrigeration, and Blood Management solutions, the company offers 100+ products. B Medical Systems’ major products include Vaccine Refrigerators (Ice-Lined and Solar Direct Drive Refrigerators (SDD)), Laboratory Refrigerators, Laboratory Freezers, Pharmacy Refrigerators, Ultra-Low Freezers, and Transport solutions. B Medical Systems’ products are used across 140+ countries and have an installed base of more than half a million products across the world. B Medical Systems has been a long-trusted partner of global humanitarian organizations like UNICEF, the WHO, the Red Cross, and more, and has extensive experience of working with Ministries of Health, hospitals, research organizations, universities, and blood transfusion organizations across the world. B Medical Systems is part of Azenta, Inc. and has subsidiaries in the USA and India.

For more information, please visit www.bmedicalsystems.com.

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