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Health Center Kit SDD

Health Center Kit SDD

The new Health Center Kit is the first all integrated Health Center, ideal for remote health centers without electricity. It charges automatically a battery with the excess of available energy from solar generators and enables to power essential devices operating on direct current.

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First all integrated Health Center

  • Allows to link in between SDD refrigerators and solar generator
  • Plug & Play system
  • Electronic controller with automatic energy management
  • Allows to operate 2 LED lights, one fan, charge 2 mobile phones and to power a device operating on direct current by its 12V/20W outlet.
  • Extremely robust for an intensive and mobile use
  • Wheels for easy move
  • Theft protection
  • Patent pending energy prioritization for refrigerators

Additional information

External dimensions (H x W x D) (mm)

870 x 520 x 510

Shipping dimensions H x W x D (mm)

1040 x 752 x 625

Net weight (kg)


Shipping weight (kg)


Outer Material

rotomoulded polyethylene

Voltage (V)

12 – 20

Scope of delivery

1 x cigarette lighter socket (12V/20W), 1 x mobile ceiling fan, 1 x rechargeable 27Ah battery with a life cycle of 5 years, 2 x rechargeable LED lights with 3 settings and an autonomy of 35 hours., 2 x USB outputs (5W each), 3 x keys for the locker