What do experts think about us? Gibraltar Health Authority, Gibraltar

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What do experts think about us? Gibraltar Health Authority, Gibraltar

Through these short conversations, we try to understand our customers’ opinions about us. Today, we are going to Gibraltar to meet Mr. Peter Murison who is working with the Gibraltar Health Authority. Mr. Murison has been using our devices for years now and has agreed to share his opinions with us. The viewpoints that he expresses in this testimony are his and without prejudice to the Health Authority. He is sharing his personal experience working with our products, from Electrolux, Dometic, to our current brand B Medical Systems.

  1. Could you explain what your activity consists of?

My role within the GHA is to maintain, repair and put forward options for the refrigeration devices employed throughout the health authority. The authority has a little over fifty thousand registered people on the health care system and provides a comprehensive care system, including primary, secondary, intensive, elderly and palliative cares.

  1. Why is there a need for cold storage in your business?

The GHA has an extensive Pathology department which, amongst other services, provides blood bank services, including the collection, processing, storage and supply of blood samples. The Pharmacy department, orders, receives, stores and distributes pharmacological products (including vaccines), throughout the entire authority, hospital wards, schools, and mental health facilities.

  1. Which products did you buy from B medical Systems? For which purpose?

To answer this question, I think it is only fair to mention that we have already in service many of your previous brand name fridges, and we have yet to de-commission any of them. However, with the on-going pandemic situation, the most recent purchases have been COVID-19 related. These comprise several units including U901, U501, U401, L290, P130, B131, F131, F130, F500 and DMF 290SG. We have three more units awaiting delivery, two MP670SG models and a P500 model, and will be used primarily for pharma: one as an ‘out-of-hours’ ward fridge, another one as a replacement fridge for the intensive care unit and the last one as a replacement for the primary care wounds clinic. This equipment will replace other manufacturer’s cold chain models. Aside from these, we also have BR110GG, BR320, BR400, BR410G, FR410G, MBF18, MF120, ML1200G, MP1200G, MP300C, ML402, MRB280, MP150, MP370SG and MP605 models.

A total of forty-eight fridges which we received from B Medical Systems are in order. The longest ‘in service’ units are in excess of twenty years old, a valid justification for my comment.

  1. What are the feature that you liked the most? Could you please talk about the performance of the devices?

The build quality is superior and outstanding. I especially like the double door gasket on the precision line devices. The even and consistent temperature distribution throughout the entire cabinet interior (inclusive of the extreme corners) is impressive. The door closing mechanism on the premium line is very effective. The connectivity to a central monitoring system greatly aids in following temperature trends and gives peace of mind during the ‘silent hours’, with the knowledge that should a door inadvertently not be closed, the monitoring system will generate an alert and notify the responsible people, protecting the valuable contents.

  1. How are you using the B Medical Systems products and how do they benefit your institution?

All the refrigeration equipment, irrespective of claims, undergoes an extensive validation process which determines the ‘fit for purpose’ status. There are no exceptions to this procedure, so blood storage fridges are solely used for that purpose, pharma fridges solely for pharma etc. Also, they are re-validated annually under ‘live’ operational conditions. We base the serviceable life of the products upon their general condition and effectiveness of the cooling distribution. We have had new medical fridges from other manufacturers, that do not pass the ten-point temperature mapping, and thus do not get placed into service. We also have had other fridges suffer significant corrosion within two years and we know that replacing gaskets, fans, compressors, sensors even evaporators is normal for a medical fridge. However, in your products’ particular case, the number of repairs working at the GHA, I have seen ‘cheaper’ brands produce new models and still have them fail our tests. With B Medical Systems, on the other hand, by spending a little bit more at the start we can ensure that the products we buy can last a very long time.

  1. Have you found in B Medical Systems a trustworthy partner?

I have a very positive relationship with B Medical Systems: communications have been excellent as the aftersales support, even though we are not a service partner, has been second to none. For example, the L290 had a small issue and a new control system which solved the problem completely was dispatched in good faith by B Medical Systems. Spare parts are clearly identified and the part numbers readily available. Overall, if other manufacturers took note of B Medical Systems practices, my work would be significantly more productive.

  1. How did you learn about B Medical Systems?

I first came across Dometic, as it was called back then, when I started working for the GHA.

  1. How long have you been a B Medical Systems’ customer?

I am not the customer, but my opinions are considered.

  1. Are you satisfied with the equipment?


  1. Would you recommend B Medical Systems?

I would thoroughly recommend B Medical Systems, as a supplier and for aftersales support.


Download as PDF here. 

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