Industry Leading Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers and Vaccine Refrigerators in Stock Now
Our Premium product line includes intuitive and ergonomic touchscreen controls and remote alarm monitoring systems configured for the most demanding applications. Choose from ultra-low temperature freezers, blood bank refrigerators, plasma storage freezers, laboratory refrigerators, laboratory / pharmacy freezers, and pharmacy refrigerators. Capacities range from 8.1 to 33.5 cu.ft.
Ideal for Biorepositories, mRNA Vaccine, Clinical and Pharmacy Applications
Ultra-low temperature freezers, vaccine freezers and pharmacy refrigerators are now in stock in our Indianapolis facility for immediate shipment with your purchase order. These cold storage cabinets feature high performance, uniform temperatures and fast recovery. Standard sizes available.
Upright Ultra-Low Freezers
Temperature range -86°C to -20°C. Choose from 7.6, 15.9, 21.1, 26.3 and 31.6 cu.ft.
Biomedical Freezers and Vaccine Refrigerators
Biomedical Freezers and +5°C Vaccine Refrigerators Benchtop, undercounter and upright models include temperature ranges from -86°C to +5°C.
Our cold chain products are proven worldwide for continued temperature stability even in high ambient environments of +32°C (Precision models) and +43°C (Premium models).
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