Sales & Services

>Aaron Stout

Aaron Stout

Regional Manager North America
>Alyson Louis

Alyson Louis

Sales Administrator
>Amanda Nellen

Amanda Nellen

Sales Administrator
>Anna Tykocka

Anna Tykocka

Business Intelligence Manager
>Bernd Weber

Bernd Weber

Service Supervisor
>Casey Koh

Casey Koh

Regional Manager Asia Pacific
>Chandra Rangabashyam

Chandra Rangabashyam

Regional Manager for Asia
>Conny Reckinger

Conny Reckinger

Customer Support Service Manager
>Delphine Buron

Delphine Buron

HR Director
>Edith Casas

Edith Casas

Regional Manager for Latin America & The Caribbean
>Emma Njoku

Emma Njoku

Regional Manager for Africa
>Enes Hodzic

Enes Hodzic

IT Sales Technician
>Eric Groenendaels

Eric Groenendaels

>Gaëtan Namuisi

Gaëtan Namuisi

Regional Manager for Europe
>Gilles Ries

Gilles Ries

Senior Technical and Business Manager
>Helena Alard

Helena Alard

Sales Administrator
>Ilidio Da Mota

Ilidio Da Mota

IT Project Leader
>Jesus Martinez

Jesus Martinez

Regional Manager for Latin America & The Caribbean
>Justine Delacollette

Justine Delacollette

Sales Administrator
>Lekshmi Padmavathy

Lekshmi Padmavathy

Product Marketing and Strategy Manager
>Loïc Maerte

Loïc Maerte

After Sales Manager
>Luc Provost

Luc Provost

>Marie Jacqmin

Marie Jacqmin

Sales Administrator
>Mélanie Moxhet

Mélanie Moxhet

Press Relations & Digital Marketer
>Pascal Vannier

Pascal Vannier

Senior Advisor
>Pit Glodt

Pit Glodt

IT technician customer support
>Sarah Cahay

Sarah Cahay

Legal Counsel
>Sébastien Mafrica

Sébastien Mafrica

R&D Director
>Silvia Pereira

Silvia Pereira

Corporate Marketing and Event Manager
>Sonia Gomes

Sonia Gomes

Sales Administrator
>Susan Crassaerts

Susan Crassaerts

Chief Financial Officer
>Svyatoslav (Slava) Kodisov

Svyatoslav (Slava) Kodisov

Regional Manager Eastern Europe and CIS countries
>Tayoro Obiely

Tayoro Obiely

Regional Manager for Africa
>Turhan Tugsuz

Turhan Tugsuz

Regional Manager for MENA
>Wim Hermans

Wim Hermans

Sales President
>Yasmin Jates

Yasmin Jates

Sales Administrator
>Zach Fretz

Zach Fretz

Sales Administrator North America