White Papers


Blood Management Solutions

FAQ on the new European Medical Device Regulation

COVID-19: Maintaining the Integrity of Convalescent Plasma

Maintaining the Integrity of Blood Cold Chain during COVID-19

Reliable Plasma Storage Freezers

Smart Automatic Defrost Technology

Technological Innovations for Rapid Cooling of Plasma

Rapid Freezing of Plasma for Optimal Recovery of Factor VIII

Energy-Efficient Contact Shock Freezers for Lower Operating Costs

Understanding the Optimal Performance of Contact Shock Freezing

Medical refrigeration

COVID-19: Guidelines for Storage & Transport of Clinical Specimens

Eco-Friendly Medical-Grade Refrigerators & Freezers

FDA 21 CFR Part 11: Applicability to Temperature Monitoring Systems

FDA 21 CFR Part 11: FAQs

Ultra-Low Freezers: Reliability for Safe Storage of Valuable Samples

Sustainable Practices in Using ULT Freezers to Green up your Lab

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers of Superior Energy Efficiency

Rotational Moulding for Cost Effective Manufacturing of Hollow Parts

Vaccine Cold Chain

Overview and Performance of Vaccine Cold Chain in Nigeria

Overview and Performance of Vaccine Cold Chain in Kenya

Social Value of Solar Direct Drive Technology, 2016-2025

Estimated Economic Impact of Vaccinations in 73 Low- and Middle-Income Countries, 2001–2020

Qualitative and Quantitative Research on the Social Value of Cold Chain Equipment