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Vaccine Cold Chain

Social benefits and costs of vaccination

What are the social costs of vaccination, the risks of not vaccinating children and the possible gains ?

Blood Management Solutions

Contact Shock Freezers: Energy Efficient Contact Shock Freezing from B Medical Systems

B Medical Systems Contact Shock Freezers, CSF 61 and CSF 101 are designed for the freezing of blood plasma, biological and pharmaceutical preparations to a core temperature of -30°C in a short time. At the same time, utmost care has been taken to make sure that both models are optimized for energy efficiency, thereby further benefiting customer needs in the long term from an operational perspective…

B Medical Systems Contact Shock Freezers: Technological Innovations for Rapid Cooling of Plasma.

Fresh frozen human plasma is an important transfusion component and also functions as a raw material for the production of coagulation factor concentrates used in patients with haemorrhagic disorders [1].

Freezing of plasma is a critical processing step that has an impact on the quality of plasma, especially concerning Factor VIII. B Medical Systems Contact Shock Freezers are designed for the quick freezing of blood plasma to a core temperature of -30°C. This paper discusses the impact of various technological innovations used in the Contact Shock Freezers by B Medical Systems to enable rapid cooling of plasma bags.

B Medical Systems Incubated Platelet Agitator: Maintaining the storage conditions for maximizing in vivo capabilities of platelets.

In order to maintain in vivo effectiveness and in vitro quality, platelets need to be stored at 22 ±2°C with gentle agitation in gas permeable containers. B Medical Systems, a Cold Chain specialist active in the medical refrigeration sector, has developed an exclusive integrated incubator and platelet agitator that helps mitigate the pain points faced by medical professionals while using traditional platelet…

Precision line

Precision line models for Medical Refrigeration and Blood Management Solutions.

Rotational Moulding for Cost Effective Manufacturing of Hollow Parts: An Overview

Rotational Moulding / Rotomoulding is a process for producing hollow parts by placing a resin, normally in the powder form into a mould and then rotating the tool in multiple axes in an oven until the powder melts completely and coats the inside of the mould cavity. This is followed by cooling the mould which solidifies the product and is then taken out for further processing [1,2]. At B Medical Systems, we use the rotational moulding technique to manufacture the precision line refrigerators, freezers and cold chain equipment.