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Ensuring the Safety of Research Samples with Ultra-Low Freezers and the °B Connected Software

Ensuring the safety of research samples sometimes worth millions of dollars is critical, but mishaps

The Last Mile: New Approaches With Refrigerated Vaccine Transport Vehicles

Exploring how a modern cold chain solutions can solve the last mile.

Why promising malaria vaccines need a modern cold chain

Reseach on malaria is very important and is facilitated by high-quality medical cold chain equipment.

Ending tuberculosis by 2030: Are we close?

Research on tuberculosis is critical and is facilitated by high-quality medical cold chain equipment.

Fighting Rare Diseases with the Necessary Medical Cold Chain Solutions

Exploring and explaining why it's important to fight rare diseases with the Medical Cold Chain

Solar-powered medical cold chain equipment for the management of blood can be a boon for many parts of India

Access to safe blood is considered one of the most vital components of modern-day healthcare.

Using Ultra-Low Freezers to Maintain the Viability of Cell and Gene Therapy Products

Exploring how ULTs can ensure the safety of cell and gene therapy products.

Reliable Ultra-Low Freezers for the Storage of Cancer Biomarkers

Ultra-Low Freezers can help provide the storage environments cancer biomarkers require for their long-term storage.

Panel Discussion on the Role of Efficient Cold Chain in Vaccine Management

Insightful panel discussion on the "Role of Efficient Cold Chains in Vaccine Management".

Creating an optimal biomedical cold storage environment

Optimising biomedical cold storage environments with Ultra-Low Freezers for the storage of biological samples.

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